My name is Ron Phillips and I have spent my career building wealth for my clients (over 5,500 in the past decade) and myself using proven real estate investing strategies that anyone can follow to achieve financial success.

I’m a product of the real estate seminar world. I originally read Rich Dad’s Investing book while I was working at a job just trying to make ends meet. After being downsized, I ventured into real estate and attended a seminar on flipping real estate. I made a pretty good income doing that, but it simply became a job replacement. Eventually I found a much better way to invest — one that allowed me to leave my job forever.

Real estate and land are my investment vehicles of choice because they are predictable and low risk, when you know how to properly structure your investments (and we do)…

We live in a world of dramatic market fluctuations, bad information, and bubbles which seem to burst without warning. Many people have worked their entire lives only to find they no longer have the resources needed to retire.

Thinking that they are running out of time, they rush to “get rich quick” and follow bad advice packaged in attractive claims of fast and easy money. The result is usually losing money, hope, and most importantly… time.

Getting Rich the Right Way is different because it focuses on how to get rich “right.” The right way is the way that works, every time, and can be sustained through any market..